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Facade designs


Would you like the facade of your house to be finished with
stuccowork elements, but you do not know which designs to choose and how to combine them so that they fit together perfectly on the facade?

Thanks to the cooperation with our company, the office Elewacje Marzeń has prepared a special offer especially for our customers.


When ordering a facade design from Elewacje Marzeń, specify the discount code:


to receive a 10% discount on the facade design for your house with a complete list of materials to be used, including
also a precise indication of the stuccowork designs in our range.
To place an order, send an email enquiry to:

writing in the subject line of the message: “[full name] – ADAMS 10”.
A message title worded in this way guarantees a 10% discount on the current prices for the design service.


Interested in more details?

Visit or call
at: 518-457-860 and the design services office will answer
any questions you may have.

Below you get a snapshot of how the Elewacje Marzeń office works.



What is the process?

Stage 1 – Send us a brief.
To start the design work we need:
• at least 4 photos of the corners of the house (at least the shell of the house) -(INSTRUCTIONS HERE) from which we will select
the most suitable one to prepare the design,
• information on the planned building work, e.g. whether the building will be insulated, which parts of the building will be replaced,
whether the window layout will change, what we are not moving, etc.
• information on the colour scheme which we are to stick with, which decorative materials apart from stuccowork we can use and which we cannot,
• sample facades from the web, which will allow us to better target the client’s tastes and point the way forward.
• please send photos of the building via
Stage 2 – First concepts
We prepare the first concepts in one frontal shot. They are intended to reach rapport between the client and designer, and additionally serve as a quick verification of the different facade ideas.
The client submits their comments, what they like, what they don’t like, what to work on more, what to give up – this information and the guidelines sent in advance allow us to
prepare a complete design.
We need approximately four working days for the first concepts.

Stage 3 – full design
Once we have received feedback, we already have a complete set of information to prepare a full design, which we already do on all the shots.
From then on, the client is entitled to a three-stage revision, during which we can experiment with materials and colours.
We require approximately 3 working days to prepare a full design.

Stage 4 – corrections
As part of the service, the client is entitled to a three-stage revision during which we fine-tune the design, experiment with colours and materials. We send back any corrections within 2 working days of comments.

Stage 5 – design specification
Together with the third revisions, we send a specification of the materials used in the design, i.e.: indication of the stuccowork elements used in the design, indication of the manufacturer and designation of the plasters and other decorative materials.
*** If your building is still at the early construction or design stage and 3D visualisation is required, contact us – we will instruct you on the steps you should take.


Put your facade in the hands of professionals.
If you are still not convinced, give us a call: 518-457-860
we will answer all your questions; you can also send us an email
enquiry at:

Remember to include the code ADAMS10 in the subject line of your message, thanks to which you will get an additional 10% discount.

Visit the Elewacje Marzeń website.

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